I have always dreamed of planting my own little succulent garden. They just remind me of a happy spring day, right in my own home.

Succulent Garden DIY

There’s just one small problem that seems to come up every time…I ALWAYS end up killing my plants! 🙁

SO. I studied up on it, and I learned a few good tricks, and guess what! They’re still alive and it’s been about two whole months. Please cross your fingers for me that these tips work! And before we get started I’ll share with you the tip that’s brought me success so far.

When you first plant your succulents, water them really, really well. Like soaked. (Don’t drown them, but get the soil nice and wet). Then don’t water again until the soil is almost bone dry. This process tells the succulents to drink up as much as they can to prepare for a drought and gives the plants sufficient nutrients to grow. Check out this site I came across, Succulents and Sunshine for more info on how to care for your succulents and help them thrive!


Now onto the fun stuff!


Shallow Bowl for the centerpiece. We found this one at the AtHome store. Or you can use any shallow bowl, preferably with a porous surface.

Cactus Planter Soil-Ideal for a good drainage system.

5 of your favorite succulent plants


River Rocks


First you will place the candle at the center of your bowl. You will work around the candle from this point on. Fill the base about a quarter full of soil.

Succulent DIY

Next, place your succulents in the spot you would like to plant them, making a hole in the soil underneath the pot. One by one, remove the plant from its temporary pot and lightly break up the soil. Place it inside the small hole and add more soil as needed to cover the base of the plants.


Fill the bowl with soil until it is about a half inch from the top then begin placing the river rocks around the plants. You can be as precise or random as you want with the rocks. Finally, water thoroughly so that the soil is soaked through and VOILA! You have yourself a succulent garden centerpiece perfect for your coffee table decor.


How did your succulent garden turn out? We want to hear your stories and tips!

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~Alyssa and Seth~