Welcome to Allens In Motion! We’re so excited to finally announce that our blog is live and rolling!

We’re here to share our travels, projects, and lifestyle tips with you, with the aim that you will be inspired, motivated, excited, whatever it may be, to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. We’ll be with you all along the way!

Seth and I have a passion for exploring life, creating memories, and discovering new places. When you visit Allens In Motion you’ll find all things travel, how-to DIY projects, and lifestyle tips we discover as we go along our own journey. Seth is in the process of starting his own business, Allen Woodwork, and we’d love to see this blog help both AW and ourselves grow stronger and expand larger than what we are. We’re new at this, but I believe as we learn together, we will all do bigger, greater things.

So come join us! Check out our first travel post, subscribe, comment, and share your own stories so that we can all create and explore together!


-Alyssa and Seth-


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