Who doesn’t love a good list? I’m the kind of girl that will make lists for everything. From grocery lists to bucket lists, and everything in between, they’re what keep me organized and motivated. Which is what got me thinking, why not make a different list of our favorite things and post it once a week? Hence, I give you…Tuesday’s Top 10!

This week, since my mind is still drifting off to our tropical Belize vacation, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite food stops in Belize. Hope you enjoy!

Traditional Belizean Food
A traditional Belizean dish of chicken, rice, coleslaw and plantain.

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I say this is especially true when it comes to traveling, and can really apply to anyone! The food you eat during your travels can make or break your trip, so it’s important to know where to find the best of the best. And you’ll soon find out that some of your favorite travel memories revolve around the most delicious food.

Here are our top 10 favorite food stops that you MUST try when you visit Belize.

  1. KO-OX HAN-NAH San Ignacio, Belize
  2. POP’S RESTAURANT San Ignacio, Belize
  3. EVA’S RESTAURANT San Ignacio, Belize
  4. GUAVA LIMB CAFE San Ignacio, Belize
  5. CHAT N’ CHILL San Pedro, Belize
  6. MY SECRET DELI San Pedro, Belize
  8. ESTEL’S DINE BY THE SEA San Pedro, Belize
  9. AMOR Y CAFE Caye Caulker, Belize
  10. LA CUBANA Caye Caulker, Belize


Our top fav restaurants for the freshest ceviche

  1. Lilly’s Treasure Chest San Pedro, Belize -classic but bold flavor that tastes so fresh you’d think you’d caught it out at sea yourself!
  2. Wild Mango San Pedro, Belize -Unique flavors with a variety of fish and seafood gives you a chance to try something new


Our top favorite dessert stops

  1. Il Gelato Italiano Caye Caulker, Belize -Try the hazelnut and coconut flavors! Yum:)
  2. Izzy’s Smoothies Snacks & Juice Bar San Pedro, Belize -I had a coconut lime smoothie and boy was it refreshing! Perfect for a hot, sunny day on the island.
  3. Casa Pan Dulce Everywhere in Belize -This bakery has some of the best pastries we had on this trip. Perfect quick stop for a breakfast on the go with options like ham and cheese croissants, coconut filled, turnovers, and lots more.

And here’s a few links to one of my favorite sites for all things travel where you can find all of these restaurants and more with reviews, location, photos, etc. Check out Trip Advisor below!


San Ignacio

San Pedro

Caye Caulker

Now it’s your turn to go out and fill those bellies with some delicious Belizean foods! Let us know where your favorite food stops are!